Working Papers

  1. Yueyang Zhong, Ragavendran Gopalakrishnan, Amy R. Ward. 2022. Behavior-Aware Queueing: The Finite-Buffer Setting with Strategic Servers. Accepted at Operations Research. [Online Technical Appendix]
  2. Yueyang Zhong, John R. Birge, Amy R. Ward. 2022. Learning the Scheduling Policy in Time-Varying Multiclass Many Server Queues. Major Revision at Operations Research.
  3. Yueyang Zhong, Zhixi Wan, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. 2020. Queueing Versus Surge Pricing Mechanism: Efficiency, Equity, and Consumer Welfare. Reject and Resubmit at Management Science.
    • Finalist, 2021 INFORMS Conference on Service Science Best Student Paper Award


  1. Yueyang Zhong, Amy R. Ward, Amber L. Puha. 2022. Asymptotically Optimal Idling in the GI/GI/N+GI Queue. Operations Research Letters 50, no. 3: 362-369.
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